AA-2 Time-lapse at the Space Environments Complex

Build-up of Orion Spacecraft before testing for Artemis Mission

Ice accretion with varying spray conditions at the Icing Research Tunnel

Build-up of X-59 Quiet Supersonic Technology (QueSST)

Documentation of the route of the Orion Spacecraft from Mansfield to Plum Brook Station

Technicians cuts and measure ice after a spray at the Icing Research Tunnel

Build-up and testing of Orion at the Space Power Facility

Build-up of the new GRUVE Lab

Build-up of project in VF-5 Chamber

Build-up of a project in the Ballistics Lab

Build-up at the Propulsion Systems Laboratory

GoPro Time-lapse of Propulsion Systems Laboratory Test

Time-lapse of the NASA Hangar

Build-up of an adaptive wing project

Overnight time-lapse of NASA Glenn

Build-up of test at Electric Propulsion Laboratory ​​​​​​​

Build-up and testing at the 8x6 Wind Tunnel

Time-lapse of testing done at the Propulsion System Laboratory

Time-lapse of Centaur and NASA Hangar

Build-up and testing at Rocket Test Facility

Build-up of a project at the NASA Glenn Research Center

Tear down of a project at the 8x6 Wind Tunnel

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